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“After reading your book, I was inspired to start applying some of the things you talked about by replacing some of the missing buttons on my clothes. I had a can full of extra buttons and a closet full of clothes missing them. I didn’t have a clue that I needed a certain type of needle to sew on buttons until you discussed the different tools required for sewing. Whenever a button came off of one of my favorite jackets, I would replace the ones with a shank with a safety pin, and camouflage the others with a scarf or some other accessory.

Sewing on a button was difficult for me because I was afraid the needles would go through my finger, unaware that I should use a thimble, or a larger size needle. I also sewed the buttons on too tight, which made my jacket front line-up unevenly. I called one Saturday night around 10:30 for help and you walked me through the process over the phone.

So, not only do you have a great book, but the personal attention you provided encouraged me to take out several other jackets missing buttons and put them on that night. I wore a jacket that I had not worn in a long time the next day.”

Jennifer Aitsebaomo, Missouri City, Texas


“I know your book will be great in helping others to sew just based on the information you have shared with me over the years, and my observing your work from two perspectives.

One, from the alterations you’ve done for other people’s ready-to-wear clothes, and second from the prom dress you made for my daughter, Inez. That was my daughter’s favorite prom dress. It was beautiful, and she passed that dress around. She even allowed her cousin to wear it to her prom. That dress became the community dress, everyone that saw it fell in love with it because of it’s uniqueness.

Not only are you are great seamstress, but you have no bones about sharing your knowledge. I have learned so much from your expertise, and I am excited that you have put the information in book form to teach and inspire others to sew.”

Renata Goodwine, Dunwoody, Georgia

“I find your book, “Sew-It Like A Pro” an easy read for the beginner or for someone who has been sewing forever. It’s easy to navigate through. Your book is humourous and gets you excited about creating your own masterpiece, your own design.

Above all, I find that with it’s twelve simple steps, its helps the stress level of not knowing something, become so simple. There is also no fear from the unknown of not ever having sewn before or embarking on a new creation. But with this book, ‘Sew-It Like a Pro’, it is so easy, and so simplistic. I am so enthralled by it.

It’s a book I’d recommend to anyone who is ever getting started in sewing.”

Debra Booker, Houston, Texas


“Hello Thelma,

I was really inspired after reading the information on your website and encouraged to see so much talent. I have been sewing for my girls (self-taught) for several years, and really wanted to know more.

Thanks for the very informative information in your book, ‘Sew-It Like a Pro’ and all the wonderful tips that can help make the difference in sewing professional-looking clothes.

Also, do you have another website with photos of garments that you actually made yourself? If so, I would love to see them!”

Nichelle Brown, New Haven, CT