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Sewing a Spring Coat

Sewing a Spring Coat

Thelma Horton’s Blue & White Print Spring Coat


I made this coat in March to attend my nephew’s wedding.  Like most of us, I had plenty to wear, but I just wanted something new and different. So, I pulled out my fabric stash to get a feel of what I had that would meet my desire.  I also had to consider the time of the wedding and the weather in March in the state of Texas, when it’s not hot nor cold, but somewhere in the middle and brisk at night.  A spring coat is what I came up with from a piece of fabric that I’d had for awhile, but unsure what I was going to make at the time of purchase.

My plans were to sew a spring coat with a sleeveless eyelet dress, but only had enough time to complete the coat.  When I realized that I would not be able to complete the entire outfit, I started thinking of how I could coordinate with clothing already in my closet.  The 4 yards of navy eyelet fabric that I purchased to go with the coat has been added to my stash awaiting an opportunity for another event.

This step-by-step video is part 1 of the project.  I am adding the others on YouTube and the Facebook group daily until the coat is complete.  I hope you benefit in watching it and provide me with feedback to improve ways that I can help those of you who want to learn more.

Happy Sewing!



Thelma Horton

Thelma Horton is a Fashion Sewing Professional, Teacher and Author of "Sew it Like a Pro".