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Recently, I met a client for consultation at a local fabric store to shop for buttons.  He had just purchased a 3-piece suit, and the original buttons did nothing for it.  The client wanted the suit to stand out.





Sewing on Buttons

Sewing on Buttons

The buttons were apparently dyed to match the suit fabric, and if you looked at the jacket and vest from a distance, you could not tell the buttons were even there.  In your mind, you know the buttons are there to close the front of the jacket, but they blend in so well, they’re not noticeable.

Sometimes that works out great for a black or brown suit; this suit was cream, with more of a gold tone, and it needed a little something to make it stand out. You know what I mean, don’t you?  Something to make you notice it was there.

Learning how to sew on buttons is not just for replacing loose or lost buttons.  Learning how to sew on buttons is also vital to changing the overall appearance of an entire outfit. And, if you look at it from a business perspective, it can be very profitable when the skill is developed.

The cost to service the client can be a little pricey for some.  The total cost for supplies and service is $176.40 plus tax.  The break down is below:

The new buttons:
$15.50  14- 5/8” for the vest and pants, 1.10/ea.
+9.00     6 -7/8″ for the jacket, 1.50/ea.
+2.00    1 spool matching thread

Total        $26.40



Service cost:
$75.00 – 1 hour consultation shopping for buttons, expert advice
+ 75.00 – 1 hour remove old buttons and replace with new buttons

Total         $150.00


As you can see, learning how to sew on buttons alone, can be a very profitable business.

However, if the person invested in a class to learn how to sew on buttons, he would save $75.00, then, later use the skill to replace the buttons on another suit himself, he would save $150.00.

Which would you do: invest the time and money upfront to learn how to sew on a button or continue paying someone to replace them for you?

Thelma Horton has a degree in Home Economics, and has taught hundreds of high school students and adults how to sew for the very first time. She has also sewn prom & wedding dresses, tailored suits and coats and altered ready-to-wear for her clients.  To help others learn how to sew, she offers valuable sewing tips and techniques on her learn how to sew website and authors two e-books, “Sew-It Like a Pro” and “Hem-It Yourself, Hem Finishes.”