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Have you always heard you should have a special pair of scissors just for cutting fabric, but never understood why?

Do you have most of the essential sewing tools and notions to sew your impressive one-of-a-kind outfit?


1. Pins
2. Tape Measure
3. Thread
4. Rulers
5. Sewing Machine
6. Shears
7. Needles


Pictures of sewing toolsPictures of sewing toolsPictures of sewing toolsPictures of sewing shears

The sewing tools in the above pictures are: (1) black handled shears, golden tape measure, spool of sewing machine thread, yellow pin cushion with silk pins, and a seam clipper; (2) chalk marking tools for sewing: tracing paper, smooth edge tracing wheel, needle chalk in case, (3) sewing machine bobbins, and sewing machine needles and lastly (4) another pair of bent handle shears on pink tracing paper.

If you’re serious about learning how to sew, and sewing professionally, the best place to start is to acquire only the basic sewing tools necessary to complete your immediate project. Then start purchasing those extra items as you develop your expert skills. The basic sewing tools will be your only expenses in the very beginning, while the more complicated sewing tools will become necessary as your skill and interest increases.

Save yourself time and confusion, have your sewing tools or equipment stored systematically in categories, making each item readily accessible at all times. Keep all your marking tools for sewing together, your fastenings, thread and so on in a plastic box. Having them handy will accelerate your work and increase your accuracy.

As a sewing instructor, one of the first things to teach in a sewing class is a lesson on the basic sewing tools of the trade, and a list for the students to take when shopping for supplies. It’s important for you to know exactly what essential sewing tools and notions you need for any project. Using the proper sewing tools and notions makes the difference in whether your garment looks homemade or professional.


* Bent Handle Shears or Rotary Cutter
* Scissors
* Tape Measure
* See-thru Rulers
* Yardstick
* Smooth Tracing Wheel
* Dressmaker’s Tracing Paper
* Tailor’s Chalk
* Assortment of Threads
* Sewing Machine
* Thimble
* Dressmaker’s Silk Pins
* Magnetic Pin Cushion or Wrist Pin Cushion
* Ironing Board & Steam Iron
* Press Cloths
* Tailor’s Ham or Press Mitt
* Seam Roll
* Full Length Mirror
* Sewing Needles (Machine & Hand)


Bottom-line, these basic sewing tools will save you time, make sewing easier and more enjoyable. You’ll always want to have your supplies when you sew any project!

Learn why these sewing tools and notions are important and how to use them when you purchase a copy of my ebook.