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Custom sew in labels is a must for every home sewer. Normally, when you look at regular clothing labels, they help you to easily identify the company or brand name of a commodity. Depending on the brand you recognize, you associate various levels of quality with the item.




If you see a dress with a designer label such as,  Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Gwen Stephani, Michael Kors, you associate these names with high quality, professional garments. Right?

The same applies to you.  A custom sew in label gives your garment a polished and professional look.  Isn’t that what you want?  You want people to notice your work. Right?

You can also do what the designers do.  When your one-of-a-kind product is complete, put your own brand name on them before selling it.  Oops, I mean, wearing it.

If you are going to put time into sewing your own clothes, then you must have your own custom sew in labels to identify your awesome work.  In the clothing world, custom sewing labels are everything. These labels help in putting some premium on the clothes in order to bring about some sort of branding and equity.

Your custom sew in labels can be applied or attached in several ways.  The easiest method is to use your newly acquired sewing skills and stitch them on by hand or by sewing machine.  Be careful, do not let your sewing marks show on the outside.  Or, you could also glue custom sewing labels to the fabric with the help of a special adhesive that does not wear off from washing or ironing. Lastly, you could have custom sewin labels made of plastic that require heat to adhere to your clothes.  Whichever method you choose to use, the process only takes a few minutes to attach, so there is no reason not to have a custom sew in label in your clothes.

Now, this is where you get to put your own brand on your work. Make it stand out; from the inside out.  Anyone can have custom sew in labels to enhance the look of your product.

Look for a good source or manufacturer, reliable and cost effective.  Check out online stores that provide customized services for designing, manufacturing and printing clothing labels. Printed custom sew in labels offer you the personal look your garment needs, and are made to suit varying tastes and concepts in logo design and artwork.  Most companies will allow you to create your own custom labels that include your name, address and logo.

Order custom sew in  labels for your creations, so that people will notice as you walk around with pride knowing that they know you sewed-it yourself.

In additon to ordering labels, get step-by-step instructions to sew your own clothes with a copy of my ebook, “Sew-It Like a Pro.”