My name is Thelma Louise, and I learned to sew adult clothes as a young child. My mother thought it was a good summer pastime. So, in addition to my baby-sitting jobs, I also made dresses for the mothers. So, I did not start out with the size 4 or size 6 model. These were everyday women, who wanted to look just as good as the size 4 or size 6 in their own skin, in their own unique way.

What a way to make money! Sewing became my passion. My first real taste of helping others outside my family circle.

I took courses in high school, graduated from college with a degree in Vocational Home Economics and taught high school students for several years.

Also as a business executive, the last 20+ years, I have been heavily involved in the corporate world from retail, customer service, call center management, sales, sales management, and project management, helping businesses achieve great success.

I’ve narrowly missed the corporate axe several times. Once, I was impacted for a month, then asked to return with more hours and more responsibility and more stress. Well, at least, I was told, “you have a job, we didn’t ask some others to return.” Honestly, as much as I did not want to be without a paycheck, I was tired.

  • Tired of the politics, tired of working long hours and taking fewer vacations. Tired of taking business calls at my children’s extra curriculum activities, and missing that all important moment.

  • Tired of going out to lunch, only returning an hour later missing 2 to 3 long-time associates due to downsizing.

My greatest satisfaction, no matter how long the hours, was helping others succeed. But, I also yearned to balance work life with my family and my God.

I have found great relief from stress using my creativity in sewing wedding dresses, prom dresses, tailored suits, baby blankets and children’s clothes for friends, peers and co-workers. Therefore I decided to put this site together to help you overcome some of the challenges I have gone through in creating your own one-of-a-kind outfit.

You can learn from my success and my challenges as well as cut your learning curve in half. Whether through one-on-one coaching, or my ebooks, my greatest pleasure comes in helping you succeed.

To your phenomenal success,

Thelma L. Horton

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